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We plan – You travel

Let us plan your next experience

Let us craft your journey

Most travelers enjoy planning their trips themselves – after all, to a large extent it fuels the excitement in months and weeks leading up to the voyage. They spend countless hours absorbing travel books, searching blogs and trip advisory boards… Planning, imagining, wondering… And often find themselves faced with important questions: "Was something, possibly, overlooked?", "Is there enough time to truly experience the trip?", "Is it indeed, the best way to do it?“"

I can help answer these questions.

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In offering Travel Itinerary Planning Services, I am aiming to assist those travelers who are not interested in pre-set options and packages, those who are not attracted to traveling with 20 or 30 other people and see 17 countries in 12 days. Instead, I intend to lend a hand to those who are seeking rare experiences with planned surprises, those interested in seeing the world from a unique angle. 

I can help you plan a custom itinerary tailored to your preferences and accounting for your constraints – consider my recommendations, avoid tedious planning, instead, spend your time dreaming about the voyage.

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Life is a journey, choose your destination and contact me to make it happen.